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Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector

Convenience Fee Calculator

When using your credit card, a convenience fee equal to 2.25%, of the total tax amount charged is charged by FIS for using this service and will be added to your total payment. For example, a payment amount of $200.00, the convenience fee would be $4.50, for a total of $204.50, For qualifying debit cards (subject to your bank's participation*) a flat convenience fee of $3.95, is charged by FIS for using this service.

(*Please note that if your banking institution does not authorize your card for "PIN-less debit" transactions, your transaction will be processed as a credit card with the corresponding 2.25%, convenience fee).

Enter the amount you wish to pay in dollars and cents:  $  
(Do not forget to enter cents.   For example, if your payment is $100.49 then enter 100.49)

Online Payment Support
For support on making payments via the web please e-mail