City of Yonkers
City of Yonkers Ticket Payment
Your Yonkers Parking or Red Light Camera Ticket, Late Notice or Vehicle Registration has the information you will need to enter here.
You will need a Yonkers Ticket, Late Notice or your vehicle registration on hand before continuing.

A) To pay a single ticket by ticket number: enter the ticket number in the TICKET NUMBER SEARCH area below. Be sure to include the 2 letter prefix and all the numbers following.
For example: PK1234567 or PD00012345 or RLXXXXXXXXXX


B) To pay multiple tickets by Plate Number: enter the license plate number, the State (from the drop down screen) and Plate Type (from the drop down screen) as it appears on your vehicle's registration or from your Ticket.
Select the search type you wish to make below
Ticket Number Search: Ticket Number:  
You must enter the 2 letter prefix as well as the ticket numbers.
Full Plate Information: Plate Number:  
Plate Type:  
For Red Light Camera Tickets, if there is no plate type on your notice, enter "OTH".